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DIY - Small booklet by KaraNari DIY - Small booklet by KaraNari
I followed a tutorial made by JamesDarrow, which you can follow here:…

I made mine a bit differently than the tutorial, so here are the differences:
- I used multi colored card stock for the pages
-The cover is also card stock; I measured and cut out two pieces that would cover my pages the desired amount. I then folded the edge over of one side of each page and glued them together (if that makes sense) to make up the spine. I also sewed through it how I did for the signatures as well as on the ends just to give it a bit more strength.
-After I glued the fabric on I glued on a regular piece of card stock so the fabric would show on the inside but be secured. (I also cut the corners a little silly, but I now know for next time)
-Lastly, I glued the front and last pages to the book for extra support since I made the book with such a small amount of pages.

I made this for my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary, and I got the idea from the wedding anniversary traditions. (The first one is paper, or the modern theme is clocks). I am going to fill the pages with photos of us, notes, and drawings. I hope he likes it! :)
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April 26, 2015
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